Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Consumers to buy non-original ThinkPad compensated 210,000 yuan

Get on a non-original IBM notebook computer, consumers will be vendors Miss Lei's court. Recently, the Haidian Court in accordance with the business to sell computers to "fake a fine of ten" commitments, judgments sellers Miss Lei refund and compensation for a total of 10 times the shopping section 215 thousand yuan.

June 12 last year, Miss Lei from Beijing looks dragons, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as dragons Company) purchased an IBM laptop computer station, a total cost of 21,500 yuan. In the longer Miss Lei dragon company invoice marked "leave a fine 10."

6 days to buy computers, when used frequently because of failure, Miss Lei commissioned National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center computer to the computer was tested. Test results show that censorship of the notebook computer is not in the original data and information about machine parts products, machinery in the factory after an unauthorized change the original configuration of the machine.

To this end, Miss Lei will be dragons company to court, demands the return and the return of money 21,500 yuan. Meanwhile, Miss Lei decree required the company to fulfill the dragon false promise of a fine 10, compensation cost 215,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan to bear examination.

The court held that dragons exist in fraud in the sales process. In the invoice marked "Leave a penalty 10" should be seen as unilateral commitments made by the company should commit to the invoice in the "fake a fine 10" obligations. Miss Lei Court ultimately supported the claim of all.

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